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Harald Schumacher “Toni’’

Harald Schumacher

Harald Anton Schumacher

Harald Schumacher was born on March 6, 1954 in West Germany. He was a goalkeeper, became a German legend. He has worked in many teams throughout his career. These teams are; FC Köln, Schalke 04, Fenerbahce, Bayern München and Borussia Dortmund. However, he made the most games in FC Köln. Red Baron also achieved success in the national team. He was undoubtedly one of those unforgettable.

FC Köln

Harald Schumacher was transferred to FC Köln, the Bundesliga team at the age of 18. He managed to become the first goalkeeper for a short time and  managed to keep the team in the first place in the league for a long time. Joined the UEFA Cup and Championship Cup with his team. He played in 213 games without a break until 1983. This was the record for the most long games ever. He played in 421 league games, 34 European games and 55 German cup matches in FC Köln. He was named player of the year in Germany in 1984 and 1986.


Harald Schumacher had a bad season at Schalke 04, after that he went abroad for the first time. He was transferred to Fenerbahçe in 1988. Here he regained his former performance. 35 games in a row played 90 minutes.  That season, Fenerbahce became the champion. Fenerbahce conceded only 35 goals. He suffered from hepatitis-b disease in 1989, soon he returned to football. Harald decided to quit football in 1991 and made the jubilee. But things did not go as he wanted. He transferred to Bayern München in 1991 for a short time.

Bayern München

Harald Schumacher had a good season at Bayern München. He played his second jubilee against Fenerbahce on July 27, 1991. First goalkeeper injury is over and Schumacher left the team. He played the third jubilee match on April 14, 1992.

Borussia Dortmund

Harald Schumacher was working as a coach in the 1995-96 season. His team guaranteed the title, they would be champion. And in last week Harald Schumacher joined the team and he became goalkeeper again. So he won another bundesliga championship.

West Germany

Harald Schumacher first played in the national team on May 26, 1979. This match was played against Iceland.

EURO 1980

He was on the team in the EURO 1980 tournament. He conceded only three goals in this tournament and they became champions.

World Cup 1982

Something interesting happened in the World Cup 1982 Tournament during the West German – France match. Harald Schumacher and Battiston collided. Battiston was almost died. Schumacher has received many bad reactions. French fans called him “the butcher of sevilla”. West Germany went to the finals after that match. But they were lost the match. At the last minute of the EURO 84 Tournament, Antonio Maceda scored to West Germany.  West Germany eliminated from the tournament.

World Cup 1986

Harald Schumacher ‘s last tournament was 1986 World Cup. He saved two penalties in the quarter-final match. They lost to Argentina 3-2 in the final match. Schumacher became the second best player of the tournament. On October 15, 1986, the Spanish match became the last national match for him.

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