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Leovegildo Lins da Gama Júnior “Capacete”

Leovegildo Lins da Gama Júnior

Leovegildo Lins da Gama Júnior

Gama Junior. A successful midfielder, Gama Junior was born in João Pessoa on June 29, 1954. He got the nickname “Capacete” which means helmet, due to his hairstyle.

He was famous for his teamwork and playmaking skills. Junior also was good at free kicks and penalty taking.

Club Career


Gama Junior Junior started his career playing with Flamengo at the age of 19. He stayed at the club until he signed with Torino in 1984. During the time, he won Campeonato Brasileiro 1980, 1982, 1983, Copa Libertadores 1981 and Intercontinental Cup 1981.

Gama Junior stayed at Toro for three years and played in 86 matches. His fans gave him another nickname; “Papa Junior” because he looked older than his actual age.

Italia Serie A

Although he underwent racism, Junior kept showing great performance. During the matches in Serie A, he helped his team finish runners-up to Verona. Junior then got the player of the year award.

His contract with Toro ended in 1987 and afterwards, Junior transferred to Pescara, an Italian team.

Returned to Flamengo

He played for the club until 1989 and returned to Flamengo. A year before he finished, Junior won Campeonato Brasileiro 1992.

Gama Junior appeared in 70 matches for his former club and became the player who had the most appearances for Flamengo.

Brazil National Team

Junior participated in World Cup 1982 and World Cup 1986 during his international career. Brazil unfortunately couldn’t win any of them; however, they had Fair Play Trophy in both of the tournaments.

He played for the national team until 1992 and starred in 74 games.

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