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Carlos Jose Castilho ’’ Leiteria (Lucky Man)’’


Carlos Jose Castillo

Carlos José Castilho was born on 27 November 1927 in Rio de Janeiro Brazil. He became legendary in the Brazilian national team. He started his football career in the team of Olaria of the Brazil League. However, he did not play any official matches for 2 years. After 2 years here, he transferred to Fluminense, where he played for almost twenty years. 


Carlos Jose Castilho’s 17-year Fluminense career began in 1947. He played 697 league matches with Fluminense. He managed to fit three trophies in his career here. In 1951, 1959, 1964, he won Campeonato Carioca, one of Brazil’s important trophies. Fluminense fans gave him the nickname “Saint Castilho”. He was making incredible saves, people who saw these were surprised and had trouble believing that it was real. Sometimes the balls hitting his face prevented the goals. That’s why he was nicknamed ’’ Leiteria’’ (Lucky Man).

Throughout his career, he appeared in 699 matches for Fluminense, a club record. He won 420 matches with Fluminense, ate conceded 777 goals and made 255 goal saves.  This was an individual club record. He left the team in 1965 and signed a seasonal deal with Paydansu and  did not have a chance to play in Paydansu, but he was in the squad that won the Campeonato Paraense in 1965.

Brazilian Lucky Man 

Carlos Jose Castilho’s national team career began when Brazil was in the squad when the 1950 FIFA World Cup runners-up. He was also in that squad three years later when Brazil was the 1953 South American Championship runners-up. But he could not find a chance to play with first eleven. He was the first goalkeeper in the 1954 FIFA World Cup, but Brazil was eliminated from the cup. He also became the top goalkeeper in the 1957 South American Championship runners-up’s squad.  

Carlos Jose Castilho became legendary at the 1958 FIFA World Cup. He helped his team win the trophies with the saves he did in critical matches. This was his first World Cup success. They became runner-up again in the 1959 South American Championship. Carlos Jose Castilho was 37 years old when Brazil joined the 1962 FIFA World Cup. That is why the younger Gilmar replaced him. He never played, but Brazil won the World Cup. 

Retirement and Heaven

He worked as a coach for many years after he quit Football. He worked as a coach Vitória in the 1973-1974 season, to Operário in 1977 and to Internacional in the same year, To Guarani in 1980, In 1982 to Grêmio, To Santos in the 1984-1986 season, In 1986, he worked as a coach to Palmeiras.

Carlos Jose Castilho died on February 2, 1987.

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