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Yordan Letchkov “The Magician”


Yordan Letchkov

Yordan Letchkov was born on July 9, 1967 in Sliven, Bulgaria. He started playing football on the midfielder position at the age of 10.

Professional career

Letchkov started his professional career on OFK Sliven in 1984. He was eighteen when he was included in the team squad, but A managed to join the team. He was nicknamed “The Magician” because of his ball possession and game technique.

Bulgarian Cup

Yordan Letchkov won the Bulgarian Cup with Sliven. Throughout his career, Sliven scored 155 matches and scored 55 goals. In 1991, he was transferred to CSKA Sofia. Yordan

CSKA Sofia

Yordan Letchkov played an important role in CSKA Sofia winning the Bulgarian League title. He was transferred to Hamburger SV, one of the German League teams, in 1992.


Letchkov played for 4 years in Hamburg SV and during this period he became one of the most important players of the Bulgarian national team. He was regularly in the top 11 in the first three seasons in Hamburg, but he did not have the chance to go out in 95-96 due to the team’s revision in the squad. 


During his career in Hamburg, he played 124 matches and scored 14 goals. In the 1996-97 season, the famous French team transferred to Olympique de Marseille, but only one season could remain there due to problems with management and teammates.

Rules out, Yordan in


He was transferred to Beşiktaş in 1997. He exceeded the time allowed by the Beşiktaş administration and abused the rules. Yordan Letchkov was fined by Beşiktaş but refused to pay. He said he quit football and left the team, returned to Bulgaria.

Violating the contract

However, he soon started training with CSKA Sofia. Beşiktaş complained to Letchkov for violating the contract and ordered FIFA to pay 200,000 German Marks as compensation. He could not play in CSKA Sofia for a while because his contract with Beşiktaş did not end.

Returned to football in 2001

Also, although Bulgaria participated in the 1998 World Cup, Yordan could not play due to a dispute with Beşiktaş. Yordan returned to football in 2001. After playing for one season in CSKA Sofia, he played for 1 season in FC Sliven as player-coach and left football. In 1994, Letchkov collected 4 points in the Ballon d’Or award list.

Member of Golden Generation

Yordan Letchkov played his first game in the Bulgarian national football team against Greece on 11 October 1989.Together with his friends Hristo Stoickov and Krasimir Balakov, Letchkov became one of the “Golden Generation” footballers of Bulgarian football.  He scored 5 goals in 45 games.

He was a troubled player

During his football career, he was a troubled player, he could not play regularly due to problems with the national team coaches and football federation.

World Cup 1994

Letchkov was on the Bulgarian team of the 1994 FIFA World Cup and finished fourth. His best game was defensive game style in the quarter-final match against Germany.


With Hristo Stoickov and his own goals, he made his team go to the semi-finals and reached the top due to his country’s success in football history. Goal in this match This was the subject of the program “Phoenix from Flames”, where the BBC shared the most important moments in the football world.

Euro 1996

Yordan Letchkov played in 3 group matches in 1996 European Football Championship. Bulgarian national team could not rise it to the quarterfinals but Letchkov was selected as the player of the match against France.

not participate in the World Cup 1998

Yordan Letchkov did not participate in the 1998 FIFA World Cup due to the mistakes he made in Beşiktaş. Yordan Letchkov played his last game against Argentina on 10 March 1998.

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