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World Cup 1930

World Cup 1930

World Cup 1930. 13 countries checked out the primary ever World Cup in Uruguay. It was no ability around at that point, only four European countries decided to take an interest in the cup.

Atlantic ocean

Most countries excused to experience a short time on a pontoon to cross the Atlantic ocean.


It was appropriate, for a couple of reasons, that Uruguay should be picked to have the central rivalry. They were the holders of the Olympic title, adequate accreditations in its own right.

First World Cup

It was without a doubt going to be celebration time in Montevideo during the fourteen days of the Cup,  France and Mexico played in the main ever World Cup game, and the French won 4-1 with Lucien Laurent of France scoring the principal ever World Cup objective. The two of them beat their gatherings without any problem.

Best Player

Stábile’s best player in this competition scored a cap stunt against Mexico. The elimination rounds saw Argentina rubbish the United States by 6-1, and Uruguay won by a similar score versus Yugoslavia. , so both USA and Yugoslavia shared the third spot. Be that as it may, the hosts returned the subsequent half to win the title 4-2.


France – Belgium – Yugoslavia – Romania – Uruguay – Argentina – USA – Chile – Mexico – Brazil – Peru – Paraguay – Bolivia

Tournament details

Host country : Uruguay
Dates :13-30July
Teams :13
Venue(s) :3

Final positions

Champions : Uruguay
Runners-up :Argentina
Third place : United States
Fourth place : Yugoslavia


Argentina’s Guillermo Stábile

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